Recreation is a short comedy film written, directed, and starring Charlie Chaplin. It was released on 13 August 1914.

The Plot

Seated in a park, Charlie gives his expert attention to the picture of a pretty girl on the cover of the Police Gazette. Since he doesn’t have a girl of his own, Charlie becomes despondent and prepares to drown himself in the park’s lake. He quickly changes his mind when an attractive girl approaches. However, she has a sailor boyfriend. Charlie and the sailor begin to fight. Shortly thereafter two policemen become involved in what has become a terrific brick fight between Charlie and the sailor. The brick war features strategic retreats and clever diversionary movements. Eventually Charlie settles matters by pushing the sailor and the policemen into the lake.

Chaplin was the only player in Recreation to receive a screen credit.

The film was only half a reel in length. A travel short, The Yosemite, made up the other half of the reel.

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